InfoSpot Order

We developed Origin as a customized tool for restaurant and diner to combat Covid-19 pandemic by offering an easy to use, in-expensive and adaptable Order Management platform to support social distancing initiatives while retaining the conventional service experience that customers expect.


By using our software businesses can replace printed menus, bills saving costs, and provide a contactless environment between their staff and customer. The app also provides instantaneous communication between the waiter and the kitchen which increases their efficiency. At the end of each day, the app can provide business with crucial data of their operation.


Our application was designed with efficiency as everything is done through our website. No download is required. We offer businesses an easy way to tailor your menus throughout the day.


We support many language options, personalized branding, and customization with our application. Data collection and processes can be integrated into existing systems.


For more information about Origin and its features, please visit our InfoSpot Order Site.