FL Challenge

Developed to encourage participation in various types of challenges that might involve physical activities.  The app will track and stimulate participants to reach their campaign goals.  Participants can also challenge each other individually or between teams.  Individual users or Organization can use the FL Challenge app for biking, running, walking, riding public transits, scavenger hunt, or any other type of activities.

It is a web based system that come with Android and iOS apps that able to:

  • Instantly track your activities with live GPS.
  • No more trying to figure out how far you rode or how many calories you've burned for that one day...or was it that other day?
  • Easy Start/Stop counter from the home screen
  • Calendar view all your activities.
  • Easily submit and upload your activities.
  • Runs with other music and tracking apps.

For more information about our FLChallenge features, please visit the FLChallenge site.